Marcel`s signature detail

Signature exterior detail

  Citrus pre cleaner applied to body work / door shuts / fuel flap /

  bonnet shuts / under wheel arches

- Engine bay especially formulated cleaner applied to gently remove

  any oil, grease, from the engine bay and leaves it nice and clean

- pressure pre wash

- Whole vehicle soaked in Snow foam and left to dwell a few minutes

- Rinse off vehicle

Fallout / Iron remover sprayed on and soak for a few minutes

- Rinse off vehicle

- Hand sponge Wash (using safe two bucket method)

- Rinse off vehicle

- Dry off using ultra soft microfiber drying towels including all door shuts

  fuel flap, bonnet shuts, alloys

- Carefully removal of tar on vehicle body

- Clay barring where necessary using an especially formulated

  clay barring lubricant

- Mask off exterior trims

- Paintwork machine buffed using a coarse cut compound to remove

  deeper marks, swirls and scratches from the paintwork

- Paintwork machine buffed using a medium compound to remove

  swirls & slight scratches from the paintwork

- Paintwork machine buffed using a gloss enhancing fine compound polish

  for a deep and crystal clear hologram free hi-gloss finish

- Paint touched up (please supply paint code by booking)

- Paintwork sealant applied  ( Nano  HD ceramic coating)

- Wheel sealant applied       ( Nano   HD wheel sealant 2 coats )

- Glass sealant applied        ( Nano  PRO glass sealant  2 coats ) 

- Plastic trims sealed           ( Nano  PRO  trim sealant   2 coats )

- Engine bay protective dressing applied

- Tyres dressed

- Final inspection and finishing touches

- Pictures taken if customer agrees upfront to do so

- Work sheet filled in and detailed vehicle handover

The Nano sealants used in this package have a lifespan of 

12 +  Months* on plastics

12 +  Months* on glass

  5 +  Years* on paintwork / wheels

* depending on maintenance

Prices start from 200.- depending on vehicle size & condition

Signature Complete Detail

My Complete enhancement detail includes all the work listed

on the above Signature exterior detail.

The following work steps are carried out to round up this package

Included interior work

- Intensive hoover including boot, hat rest, under seats, under seat  

  bench, spare wheel space. (wheel removed)

- Dashboard, door cards, all consoles, compartments, seat rails 

  and spare wheel space  thoroughly cleaned using an especially      

  formulated surface cleaner and detailing brushes

  (all removable parts removed for cleaning)

- Leather deep cleaned using an especially formulated cleaner and

  ultra soft brushes 

  Leather care and conditioner worked in to refeed the essential natural

  oils lost over time and bring back the like new leather smell.

  Another positive effect is the improved stain resistance after the 


- Leather pro coating to lay down a invisible hydrophobic barrier that

  repels liquids and staining without any discolouration   

Extraction deep clean (shampoo) of the entire Upholstery & Carpets 

  using especially formulated cleaners to remove staining, dirt, grime 

  from deep inside the upholstery and carpets for a look like new and a

  nice clean scent within the vehicle 


- Fabric pro coating to build a highly hydrophobic barrier that repels

  liquids and soiling for 12+ Months 


- All hard surfaces treated using an antistatic non sticky finishing detailer

  to achieve a satin finish

- Roof lining and sun visors cleaned

- Windows inside cleaned and anti  fog treated

- Final inspection and hoover

- Pictures taken if customer agrees upfront to do so

- Protective floor mat, seat cover and Air freshener supplied

- Work sheet filled in and detailed vehicle handover

Prices start from 300.- depending on vehicle size & condition

Signature interior detail only

Prices start from 100.- depending on size & condition

My signature detail is where I can put all my passion and skills in to it. The use of top end only products result in an unbelievable cleanliness and a long lasting protection are the result.

Please be aware that the complete signature detail

will take two days + to complete