Why choose MS valeting & detailing for all your Car`s needs ?? 

I am Marcel Schlatter the General Manager and sole Operator at  

MS mobile valeting & detailing.

MS valeting & detailing is a well established business that is continuously trading since 2013 

My aim is to offer an outstanding service, a top of the range quality workmanship with the many years of experience i gained in vehicle  valeting & detailing as well in general motor trade over the past 15 years

I keep up with the newest trends and techniques to be always on top of the Game 

That's why you will experience a result above expectations. 

There are many company`s out there they offer valeting & detailing.

As a customer it can be very difficult to choose the right company for your needs as valeting is not just valeting. Here are some facts you need to know about what makes us different.

1. We see a lot of adverts which tell that some company`s do a complete 

    Vehicle full valet in a short time and at very low prices.  

-   In comparison

    My Standard Full Valet takes half a day to complete

    but the result will speak for itself

2.  The Interior valet & detail is a very complex task.

     Due to the number of different materials, inside a car, it is very

     important to use the perfect cleaner for every single surface.

     too strong cleaners could damage the fabric, leather or plastics

     too weak ones wont tackle the job. 

-    I use only high quality cleaners rigorously tested by myself

     to insure safety and a perfect result on any surface.


-    Next to the use quality equipment one other very important tool,

     in my opinion the most important one --- TIME.


      When it comes to professional car valeting & detailing, time is a

      very important factor. If u rush or don't keep within recommended drying

      times the results wont be perfect - very simple maths.

-     At MS valeting & detailing i take the time needed to achieve the best

      possible result.

-     most other valeting companies work after a time schedule with 

      fix times and fix prices for their work.

-     I work as long as it takes to achieve the best result, depending on 

      customers needs. 

-     Due to that the volume of work i can carry out is limited. 

      but for me quality goes before quantity

-     My prices depend on customers needs and vehicle condition

      Each job will be priced up individually as accurate as possible

      I can provide a rough estimate per phone or e-mail and always 

      before any work is started.

If you look for a top quality valet or detail, than please don't only look

at the price you pay, look at what`s behind it and what you get for it.

My prices are very competitive, if you do an honest comparison to what I offer for your money.

For more information about what i can offer or bookings please contact me to discuss your individual needs.





MS Marcel Schlatter